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Question   South Dakota
The amazing light coupled with the cooperation of the buffalo and pronghorn sheep in the Custer State Park make me realize the gift of wilderness preservation is something that can rejuvinate us all if we pause long enough to celebrate the beauty.
Thank you for sharing what you treasure most. We all benefit from the joy.

- Margaret Kelley October 21, 2016

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Question   Sedona
I have been to Sedona many times but had never seen what you have captured so well.

- Michael Salkind January 25, 2016

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Question   Beautiful is the word
Dear Fran,
Your photographs are just breath-takingly beautiful and shall I say "surreal"?

Thank you!

- Pin Reith October 31, 2015

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Question   Southwest photos
What absolutely stunningly beautiful photos, Fran. You have such a great eye and the requisite talent and skills to create truly magnificent photos/works of art. Thank you for sharing them.

- Nancy Blankinship September 24, 2014

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Question   Latest images
The latest images are outstanding.

- Jim B. September 23, 2014

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Question   Southwest Recents
We are dazzled by the beauty and light in Southwest Recents. Your knowledge of timing in order to capture perfection is most evident. The trip is documented along with your ability as a skilled photographer.

- Margaret Kelley September 22, 2014

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Question   New Mexico

Fran, Every new batch keeps getting better by leaps and bounds. Looking forward to the next ones and many more.

- MARC ROSENBLUM February 13, 2014

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Question   Inspiring for Aspiring Young Photographers
Now that I've mastered the mechanics of using the website thanks to your timely assistance, I can hardly wait to view it with my granddaughter , Fiona!

- Laura Galvin January 05, 2014

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Question   Inspirational work for an aspiring photograper!
Now that I have (thanks to your help) learned to navigate your website easily (with music) I look forward to sharing it with my 11-year old granddaughter, Fiona,. Thanks, Fran!

- Laura Galvin January 04, 2014

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Question   Training and education
Where did you study in order to create such beautiful work?

- James Lee January 02, 2014

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Question   Beautiful photographs
Your artistry and skill are amazing. The photographs are beautiful and so varied in composition and subject matter. I look forward to seeing your future work.

- Jennifer Tahmasebi January 02, 2014

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Question   Landscapes
I just took a pleasant journey into your landscapes. The peaceful music and beautiful scenes made me want to purchase the color version of #6, Death Valley. Do you ever sell large prints?

- Margaret Kelley January 02, 2014

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Question   I am enjoying your work very much!
After again viewing "Sunrises, Sunsets and Skyscapes" (a wonderful way to start the New Year), it strikes me that you take photographs with the eyes of a poet. Thank you very much for sharing your shining visions!

- Laura Galvin January 01, 2014

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Question   With Love
Hello Fran,
Just stopping in to say hello. I am excited for your site and your photos are AWESOME. I am blessed to have such a talented and venturesome step-mother.
I am proud of you.
Love you,

- Jessica Binkley November 25, 2013

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